Submit 3-5 poems in one attachment. Poems must be previously unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are OK as long as you notify us immediately if accepted elsewhere. 

Poems may be written in any form and style, rhyming or not, traditional or contemporary. 

Include a brief bio (3-4 sentences).

It's like this: working writers often write without access to quality feeback for their work. We want to change that. 

Submit 1 page of poetry at a time at no cost to receive feedback from one of our trained readers. 

If you'd like to submit more than one, or a chapbook (26 pages or fewer), then simply pay a small fee to help us grow and expand this opportunity. Half of the money goes directly to the writer who will be reading your work. We believe in paying readers and writers for their work. 

Feedback consists of overall impression of the work, specific line-based comments on individual poems, and guidance on its prospects for publication. Manuscript feedback will include discussion of the overall cohesion of the work, ordering, title, an analysis of the lyrical or narrative arc, and its prospects for publication. 

We are still working on calibrating our response times, but as this is a new opportunity, it could be as little as two weeks or as long as two months. 

Our readers are working writers themselves and so value the time and effort you put into your work. Please do not send work that you believe to be finished. Send that out for publication. We want to help you with the poem you can't quite figure out. If you are sensitive to criticism this may not be the opportunity for you. 

Our primary reader is the poet Misty Skaggs

Workhorse is a community and publishing company. We want to make studying and publishing more accessible to working writers by collaborating with a supportive, diverse, and talented community. We are dedicated to writers marginalized from mainstream literary communities.